Mental health issues affect us all at some point in our lives and people seek therapy for all sorts of reasons. For example:

  • you could be feeling anxious, depressed, angry, sad or have issues with addiction
  • you may be struggling to make decisions or have poor self-esteem
  • you may feel lonely and unsure of what to do next and need to speak with someone who can listen, support you and be on your side
  • you may be having difficulties with your identity or have sexual health concerns
  • you may be feeling suicidal and that life is an intensely painful place to be
  • you may have suffered a bereavement or a relationship breakup that has left you feeling empty and distraught
  • you may feel that your life is meaningless
  • you may have reached a significant point in your life that is challenging your sense of self
  • you may have a chronic illness that is making life unbearable

Counselling & psychotherapy offers a safe, containing, confidential space to explore what is happening in your present situation

It can help identify areas of your life that need attention, facilitate self-awareness, self-compassion & a radical acceptance of who you are & what you feel in the present moment

It can help you reach a deeper understanding of your distress & difficulties in the context of your current & past experiences


I am an UKCP accredited Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I have a UKCP accredited MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and a BACP accredited Diploma in Integrative Counselling from The Minster Centre, London.