How I work

How I work...

As an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I draw upon various therapeutic approaches to guide my practice, such as traditional psychodynamic and object relations theories, humanistic, body in psychotherapy and contemporary, relational models.

What does this look like in practice...?

My approach always starts with you and identifying your needs and what it is you are seeking help with. I willl establish with you what has brought you to therapy, why now, and identfiy your goals and aims. I will gently enquire with you about your life journey such as early childhood and family experiences. I will consciously explore with you your present and past relationships and the impact these have on you today. With you, I will be curious about the unconscious dynamics that lay beneath our conscious awareness.

I tailor the work to reflect how the therapy process develops, but I work within a general framework of a contemporary, relational psychotherapy. This means that there is some focus on what is happening in the present moment in the therapeutic relationship. We each bring our subjectivities (our own life experiences that builds our sense of self and how we relate to ourselves, others and the world around us) to the therapeutic relationship. Our family of origin, our ancestory and the societal and political world we experience all has a part in our shaping of who we are and how we feel and think in the present moment.  Bringing attention to what may be happening within and between us can act as a powerful source in illuminating early, unconscious experiences. Hence, my training involves an intensive exploration of my own experiences so I am aware of my impact in the process. 

In the here-and-now, I also encourage reflection on what is happening on a bodily level leading to a mindful awareness of emotions, sensations and feelings. Our body holds an incredible insight into our past. Connecting with these feelings can release long-held emotions and free up space for more accepting, self-compassionate and self-loving relationship with your self. This can help reduce the intensity of negative emotions and thoughts, leading to a more balanced and calmer inner experience, which inevitably impacts positively on your relationships to others and the world.

Therapy can also include techniques and ways of being that facilitate healing. Take a look at my links page. There are a lot of free resources out there you may find really helpful.

Taking care...

In depth exploration such as this means that therapy can sometimes be a very painful and upsetting experience. You may feel worse before you feel better. Therefore, safety in the therapeutic space is key and I am always mindful that the pace of the work feels comfortable with you.


Our work is strictly confidential, except where I am bound by the UKCP code of ethics to share information (e.g. If I believe there is a risk to you or others, certain criminal activity such as terrorist related offences.) However, I will always endeavour to discuss these situations with you in our sessions first. I also take my work to supervision, which is also bound by the same confidentiality.

Please see my client therapist agreement (below) for more details on my policies.

Considering working with me...?

In the first instance, please get in touch via phone or email with a brief description of what you are seeking support with and to arrange an initial consultation. This gives us an opportunity to explore what it is you need, your expectations of therapy and if I offer the right way of working for you. I will also go through my policies on confidentiality, fee payments, appointment arrangements and cancellations.

An initial consultation is 50 minutes and the fee for this is £60

If we agree to work together all future sessions are 50 minutes and the fee is £60 (concessions are available).